Not only is the interview an opportunity for you to promote yourself to your prospective employer, it is also your chance to really consider the company and ask questions to ensure it is the best next step in your career. It can be a little daunting however the key to success is preparation. Do your research, know the company, history and job opportunity inside and out. This will help to alleviate your nerves so that you can relax, be yourself and shine!

Here are some useful interview tips…


You can never be too prepared. Make sure you have researched the company, created a list of questions you wish to ask and be prepared to answer some in return. Company website, annual reports, mission statements, new products, activity on social media accounts are all tools you can utilise to get to know the business.

Role play

Before going into the actual interview, practice with a friend or family member. Write down your strengths, what value you can add to a business and why they should employ you over another candidate. Read it and memorise it.


Arrive ahead of time. Not too early! But 5 minutes beforehand will do. Do a dry run, day/evening before, so you know where you are going, and we recommend you research parking availability nearby.


First impressions count. Dress smart, sharp and appropriately for the position. A crisp suit and collared shirt is always a good look; females to wear light make-up and males to be cleanly shaven; if you wear a fragrance, ensure this is not overpowering and if it is hot, make sure to take deodorant to freshen up.


Always speak positively about your previous employers and employment experiences. Be enthusiastic, professional and personable and ensure your answers are succinct. If you are nervous, you will naturally speak faster, so be conscious to slow it down and speak clearly.


Be an active listener; ensure you remember the information you hear in the interview so you can answer questions asked.

Body language

Shake with a firm and confident handshake and look the interviewer in the eye. When seated during the interview, sit upright with your shoulders pulled back and place your hands in your lap; do not hold any pens or paper that will encourage you to fiddle.

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